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Culinary Consultants and Chefs
Culinary Consultants and Chefs

Or Barnea

Chef Or Barnea, is the grandson of a farmer and a second-generation culinary expert who has been immersed in the culinary world since childhood. His love for the land, local ingredients, and authenticity is an integral part of Or's work. As the son of the famous chef Shachar Barnea, Or grew up with a deep passion for culinary arts and a connection to the local culinary heritage. From a young age, Or worked alongside his father in various restaurants and dozens of projects, absorbing the spirit, values, and culinary culture.

Or's culinary touch is characterized by liberated, creative, and innovative cooking that focuses on both traditional and modern cooking techniques, while respecting the use of local ingredients and the local agriculture. Or specializes in Italian, Levantine, and Mediterranean cuisine, with a great love for dough, pasta, fire, and smoke.

Or studied at the "Danon" Culinary School, as well as business and marketing management. He underwent numerous professional training programs focusing on various kitchens worldwide. Or carved his path through a wide range of roles in professional restaurant kitchens, including renowned establishments like "Pomo" and the chef's restaurant "Melgo and Meleber."

Or has managed dozens of projects, guiding restaurants from their establishment, creating innovative concepts, and consulting for food chains, restaurants, and private cafes. Additionally, Or cooks private chef meals tailored to exclusive events.
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Roei Levi Lotan

Chef Roei Levi Lotan grew up in a fish shops owners family and discovered great passion for working with quality ingredients and cooking Mediterranean seafood from a young age.

Roei's cooking is characterized by a distinct Mediterranean touch, a deep understanding of local and fresh produce. He also cooks with an understanding of the connection between nutrition and health, adapting his cooking to everyday needs.

Roy studied in the international program at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France, which included internships in leading restaurants under the auspices of the Westminster Culinary School. Throughout his career, Roei developed additional culinary skills with a pastry artist class from the Astela school and certifications in food safety from the Ministry of Health.

Chef Roei has held various senior chef positions for 17 years in restaurants, cafe chains, and catering services such as "Goocha" "Raphael" "Havat Alenby" and more. In his last role, he served as the head chef for the "Landwer" chain for about 8 years, as a senior management member and a central figure in the network's growth from 10 branches to over 80 branches in Israel, Toronto, and Boston.

Roei is involved in developing a culinary experience tailored to various needs, alongside specialized chefs and consultants, building an operational system that creates a consistent dining experience. He managed operational chef systems, and worked with manufacturers and factories in product and ingredient development, leading to operational process optimization.
Culinary Consultants and Chefs
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