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Chef Culinary Consultant 

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Two Chefs with a variety of culinary skills and rich experience in professional kitchens bring you the best tools that refine and maximize the culinary story of your business.




Upgading the Culinary Conccept

Jems - מבשלת בירה

Hamaniya cafe

Creating a new concept

קפה חמנייה


Combined Concept, Menu, Set-up and Operation

Melody - מסעדה וקפה

Hummusiere - the next generation of Hummus

Product Development

חומוסייר - הדור הבא של החומוס
שרותי ייעוץ קולינרי

When opening a new business in the restaurant and hospitality industry, whether you're starting a new business or even just slightly modifying the menu and products, you face a variety of challenges and choices that need to be made.

Our culinary consulting services provide clarity, precision, and success in your business endeavors. We give you peace of mind in various aspects related to culinary aspects of the business. From planning and developing your product and menu to smart and precise execution, we chart your culinary path together.

Culinary Consultants and Chefs


After a thorough acquaintance with your business, we'll introduce new and unique culinary content that will help attract new customers, and achieve your goals.
Culinary Consultants and Chefs


We accompany you through every stage of concept development, from choosing raw materials, creating the menu, to the presentation of the final products.
Culinary Consultants and Chefs

What We Do


We'll guide and train the new team on all menu items, participate in the test-run, and take care of necessary adjustments to refine the operation.
Culinary Consultants and Chefs


We have extensive experience in developing diverse food products, familiarity with market trends, and transforming culinary inspiration into mass-produced products.
Culinary Consultants and Chefs


After creating a precise culinary concept, we will accompany you in designing the kitchen, selecting equipment, and contact the relevant suppliers, all in accordance with your budget.
Culinary Consultation for Restaurants
Culinary Consultation for Restaurants


The collaboration between Or and Roi is born out of a common denominator of love and passion for cooking and hospitality.

Roi represents the 'founder's generation,' bringing a fresh and elegant hand, joyful and stylish, following many years of culinary, professional, and operational knowledge. Roi has managed complex culinary projects on an international scale and worked in prestigious institutions and culinary icons alongside key figures in the culinary world.

Or represents the 'new generation' and brings daring, creative, young, and kicking cuisine. Or creates connections to popular and innovative trends worldwide.

For Roi and Or, different worldviews complement each other in perfect balance - "the traditional and the innovative." The combination of these two forces leads projects to a unique and innovative culinary success, pushing boundaries while simultaneously paying great respect to tradition.

Culinary Consultants and Chefs

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