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Upgading the Culinary Conccept

Culinary Consultation for Restaurants
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Jems is an established chain of breweries with an extensive bar menu, boasting around 15 branches. After approximately 15 years of operating with a somewhat outdated menu, Dror Erez, the CEO and owner, approached us with the goal of creating a menu that would set a new standard in culinary perception.

The guiding principles of the project were to create a culinary concept that will introduce "fresh" dishes alongside the excellent beers offered by Jems.

Throughout the project, we developed new dishes in line with the new concept, taking into consideration the nature of the business and its operational capabilities.

After creating the menu, we hosted a launch event where we cooked for the network's stakeholders and kitchen managers. We presented the new menu and then, with the network's chef, implemented the new menu in each branch until its successful launch.

Culinary Consultation for Restaurants
Dror Erez
Owner & CEO
Jems - מבשלת בירה

From the first collaboration, we felt in good hands, that the connection between us is accurate. It indeed materialized, and we are proud and satisfied with the new menu that they helped us launch across the entire chain.

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