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Strauss - Hummusier the next generation of Hummus

Product Development

Culinary Consultation for Restaurants
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The innovation department of Strauss approached us to take part in a groundbreaking project for Israel's most beloved food: hummus. We had no doubt that we wanted to lead the culinary aspect of the project.

The Food-Tech initiative by Strauss aims to make the experience of fresh hummus accessible to everyone with maximum convenience and long shelf life without compromising on taste and freshness, just like in traditional hummus establishments.

The highlight is the Hummussier - a hummus-making machine that produces fresh, tasty, and natural hummus with customizable tahini percentages while maintaining the highest level of food safety.

We wanted to create a new world that honors tradition, and thus, we crafted dishes with a blend of old-new connections, unique plates, and explosive flavors.

Culinary Consultation for Restaurants
Yotam Shabo
חומוסייר - הדור הבא של החומוס

I have been working with Or and Roei for several years now. They accompany me on a variety of projects and provide me with a comprehensive and professional culinary envelope. I feel confident entrusting them with the creative development of recipes, creating samples crucial for business development, constructing product trees for clients, and more. They provide me with professional insights because of their understanding of the market and being chefs. In the current project with HNG, they are an integral part of the team from day one, guiding the product's development and growth in the market

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