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Combined Concept, Menu, Set-up and Operation

Culinary Consultation for Restaurants
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Melody - A Mediterranean-Italian restaurant offering authentic dishes.
Melody Cafe - An intimate coffee house located adjacent to the restaurant.

Snir and Yardan approached us with a dream of opening both a restaurant in the central space and a complementary small cafe nearby.

We initiated the consulting process by brainstorming their culinary fantasies, ideas, and dreams to formulate the right concept that connects their aspirations with the location and target audience. In the initial stage, we explored various concepts, dined, and socialized to immerse ourselves in the culinary scene of different restaurants in Eilat and other cities across the country. Once we established the initial concept, we crafted a menu and guiding principles that materialized in the design of the place, table perception, atmosphere, and serving utensils.

We simultaneously collaborated with a kitchen planner and developed the culinary language of the place. We guided the restaurant and cafe through each step leading up to the grand opening - selecting equipment, choosing various food suppliers, and assisting in recruiting a chef. Once the kitchen was ready, we moved on to finalize the menu, trained the chef and kitchen staff, and established an accurate operational system. After the restaurant opened, we continued providing close support. We worked hands-on in the kitchen and supervised the restaurant team in executing recipes and dishes, making corrections, improvements, and streamlining processes to maintain the culinary standard we had set.

We introduced the smaller sibling, "Cafe Melody," with the same culinary language, aiming to add extra value to the restaurant. Cafe Melody is an intimate European-style coffee house with a unique view of the city of Eilat, serving excellent coffee, fresh sandwiches, quality breakfast pastries, and indulgent desserts every morning.

Culinary Consultation for Restaurants
Snir & Yarden
Melody - מסעדה וקפה

Anyone considering starting their journey in the culinary field should get to know Or and Roei. These are two talented, creative, and uncompromising professionals with a keen ability to understand and connect with the customer. They accompanied us from the initial concept stage to the opening of the restaurant, being there at every step. They understood our needs and precisely realized our dream and vision in a straightforward manner.
When I think about how we started and how we finished, I realize what a great gift we gave ourselves by working together. Beyond the business and professional aspect, we became friends, and that's all we were looking for. Already looking forward to the next project together

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