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Hamaniya Coffee

Creating a new concept

Culinary Consultation for Restaurants
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Cafe Hamaniya Brodetsky, part of the BuckeGroup in Tel Aviv, is a small and updated branch of the traditional Hamaniya coffee shop on Bazel Street.

We defined a concept for a neighborhood coffee shop and colorful, joyful delicatessen that offers meticulous and healthy food with a connection to nature, emphasizing the integration of superfoods.

The project's goal was to create a modern culinary language based on the existing values of Hamaniya and to develop a new menu that harmonizes with the on-site coffee roasting and the attached lifestyle shop connected to the delicatessen.

We embarked on the journey and started cooking. We crafted a healthy, joyful, delicious, and updated menu that aligns with the atmosphere and design of the place. We identified raw materials, suppliers, and unique tools for the lifestyle shop, trained the chef and staff, and guided the kitchen's opening and operation.

Culinary Consultation for Restaurants
Omer Paamony
קפה חמנייה

We worked with Roei and Or in establishing the Hamaniya Coffee House in Brodetzky and the establishment of Bouke 57. We also collaborated with them on culinary developments for the entire Bouke group projects.
Roei and Or are extremely creative, professional, fast, and they understand the crucial connection between culinary and operations. They immersed themselves with us in every aspect, guiding us in a professional and loyal manner until things were implemented professionally and fundamentally. Or and Roei have a broad understanding of the industry and know how to create many connections and solutions. I highly recommend using their services for any business

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